Chemical industry, medicine, food, building materials, feed and other industries solid-solid, and solid-liquid mixing.

Working principle:
After the mixer is started, the coulter head rotates around the main shaft, which drives the material to move in the radial direction, and at the same time throws the material along the direction of the streamline on both sides of the coulter.
When the material to be thrown and the materials for circular motion pass through the flying knife, they are thrown by the flying knife that rotates at a high speed. Under the effect of the above compound motion, the materials are continuously overlapped and diffused, which can achieve a uniform mixing effect in a short time. .
The machine has high mixing precision, especially suitable for mixing agglomerated materials. The flying knife's crushing and throwing effect on agglomerated materials makes this machine an excellent mixing equipment with wide adaptability, versatility and multiple functions.

Structural features:
1. Coulter mixer is mainly composed of motor, reducer, cylinder cover, cylinder, main shaft, coulter head, flying cutter set, feed inlet, discharge valve and sealing device.
2. While the main shaft is running, you can control the start and stop of the flying cutter set according to your needs.
3. The material of the coulter and flying knife is wear-resistant alloy steel plate, which has good wear resistance.
4. Fly-blade bearing adopts several lubrication methods, and the failure rate is low.
Одновальный смеситель (плужный лемех)

Одновальный смеситель (плужный лемех)

Одновальный смеситель (плужный лемех)
Model Volume (m³) Cpacity (kg/time) Speed (r/min) Motor power (kw) Weight (t) Overall size (mm)
LD-0.5 0.3 300 85 5.5+(1.5*2) 1080 1900x1037x1150
LD-1 0.6 600 63 11+(2.2*3) 1850 3080x1330x1290
LD-2 1.2 1200 63 18.5+(3*3) 2100 3260x1404x1637
LD-3 1.8 1800 63 22+(3*3) 3050 3440x1504x1850
LD-4 2.4 2400 50 30+(4*3) 4300 3486x1570x2040
LD-6 3.6 3600 50 37+(4*3) 6000 4142x2105x2360
LD-8 4.8 4800 42 45+(4*4) 7365 4387x2310x2540
LD-10 6 6000 33 55+(4*4) 8250 4908x2310x2683
Одновальный смеситель (плужный лемех)

Одновальный смеситель (плужный лемех)