Single-shaft mixer (plowshare)



The single-shaft mixer (plowshare) is designed for high-quality intensive mixing of dry bulk materials, especially for lumpy materials (such as fibrous or easily tidal agglomeration) in the production of dry mortars, and can also be used in the preparation of compound feed.

The quality and speed of mixing the dry mix is ​​ensured by the shape and location of the plowshares of the mixing unit, which have directional working surfaces and a simple geometric shape, which increases their durability and simplifies replacement during repairs. The working area and the unloading hatch of the mixer are insulated, which eliminates dust during unloading.

Principle of operation

The single-shaft mixer (plowshare) is a single-girder compulsory mixing equipment, several sets of plowshares are installed on the main shaft, which are installed continuously with a dislocation method to avoid the mixing dead angle, During operation, the dislocation plowshares rotate continuously and form a continuous whirlpool centrifugal force. and under such force, the materials continue to overlap, disintegrate and mix. In such a mixer, high-speed flying knives are also installed, which are located in the side of the mixer body at 45 degrees, separating lumpy materials while mixing.

Single-shaft mixer with plowshare (large mixer hatch)
Our CORINMAC plant produced this mixer with a plowshare, a new type with a large hatch. Such a mixer unloads ready-made mixtures very quickly, when it is necessary to change the recipe to produce other types of mixture, it does not need to be cleaned. There are few residues in the mixers.

Model Volume (m³) Cpacity (kg/time) Speed (r/min) Motor power (kw) Weight (t) Overall size (mm)
LD-0.5 0.3 300 85 5.5+(1.5*2) 1080 1900x1037x1150
LD-1 0.6 600 63 11+(2.2*3) 1850 3080x1330x1290
LD-2 1.2 1200 63 18.5+(3*3) 2100 3260x1404x1637
LD-3 1.8 1800 63 22+(3*3) 3050 3440x1504x1850
LD-4 2.4 2400 50 30+(4*3) 4300 3486x1570x2040
LD-6 3.6 3600 50 37+(4*3) 6000 4142x2105x2360
LD-8 4.8 4800 42 45+(4*4) 7365 4387x2310x2540
LD-10 6 6000 33 55+(4*4) 8250 4908x2310x2683