Dry mortar tower production line 20-50t/h


Tower type dry mortar production line

The tower type dry-mix mortar equipment is arranged from top to bottom according to the production process, the production process is smooth, the product variety is large, and the cross-contamination of raw materials is small. It is suitable for the production of ordinary mortar and various special mortars. In addition, the entire production line covers a small area, has a outward appearance, and has relatively low energy consumption. However, compared to other process structures, the initial investment is relatively large.

The production process is as follows

The wet sand is dried by a three-pass dryer, and then conveyed to the classification sieve on the top of the tower through a plate chain bucket elevator. The classification accuracy of the sieve is as high as 85%, which facilitates fine production and stable efficient. The number of screen layers can be set according to different process requirements. In general, four types of products are obtained after the classification of dry sand, which are stored in four raw material tanks at the top of the tower. The cement, gypsum and other raw material tanks are distributed on the side of the main building, and the materials are conveyed by the screw conveyor.

The materials in each raw material tank are transferred to the measuring bin using variable frequency feeding and intelligent electrical technology. The measuring bin has high measurement accuracy, stable operation, and a cone-shaped bin body with no residue.

After the material is weighed, the pneumatic valve below the measuring bin opens and material enters the mixing main machine by self-flow. The configuration of the main machine is usually a dual-shaft gravity-free mixer and a coulter mixer. Short mixing time, high efficiency, energy saving, wear resistance and loss prevention. After the mixing is completed, the materials enter the buffer warehouse. A variety of models of automatic packaging machines are configured under the buffer warehouse. For high-volume production lines, the integrated design of automatic packaging, palletizing, and packaging production can be achieved, saving labor and reducing labor intensity. In addition, an efficient dust removal system is installed to create a good working environment and meet environmental protection requirements.

The entire production line adopts advanced computer synchronous production management and control system, which supports fault early warning, controls product quality, and saves labor costs.