5-30t/h Dry Mortar Production Line


A plant for the production of dry building mixtures (CCM) can differ significantly from one another in terms of capacity, technical skills, equipment composition and degree of automation. Plants are designed according to the specific technical requirements of each customer.

The plant includes:
- Equipment for sand preparation (drying and classification);
- Equipment for dosing components of the mixture
- Equipment for mixing and packing;
- Control system.
- Equipment for feeding the mixture components;
- Optional equipment

Sand preparation equipment

To obtain high quality mixtures, all the initial components of the mixture must be dry. The moisture content of the sand should be not higher than 0.5%. For sand drying, three-circuit drum dryer or single tank rotary dryer are used. After drying, Feeding dry sand on vibrating screens with 1, 2 or 3 sieve frames (usually with a mesh size of 0.63, 1.2 and 2.0mm respectively) for classification . After classification, sand will be conveyed in bunkers for cooling to the required temperature, then each size will be fed to the dosing unit and mixer.

Mixture metering equipment

In order to improve the production efficiency of the equipment, improve the accuracy of the batching part and reduce maintenance personnel, the mixing and feeding are also equipped with an automatic batching system. Therefore, the mixture according to the predetermined program will be automatically added to the metering hopper in sequence. In order to ensure the highest productivity, the mixing machine has the least loss of loading and unloading time (each cycle does not exceed 1 minute), and all three main technical operations (metering, mixing and filling the final mixture) are performed simultaneously.

Mixing and filling equipment

The simplest plants for the production of dry mixes are a separate mixing and filling unit. They consist of a mixer, intermediate hopper and filling machine.
A horizontal twin-shaft mixer with intersecting blade paths or a horizontal single-shaft mixer with plowshares are used for mixing the components. for different components of the mixture, the used mixers provide the best quality mixing of bulk components due to the forced movement of particles simultaneously in longitudinal, transverse and vertical directions throughout the volume of the mixture.
The duration of one technological cycle is equal to the mixing time plus loading and unloading the mixer time, which is on average 5 ... 6 minutes.
Depending on the required capacity, the installation can be completed with one or more filling machines of various types (screw, pneumatic and others). The mixture is packed into valve bags by weight with a metering error of no more than 1%.

Control system

The automatic control system of the production line has a three-level system.
low class
Each device has its own control cabinet. The system includes a control unit for quantitative ingredients and mixtures, an algorithm for monitoring the status of the equipment and an operation execution unit, including a consumable monitoring unit and an alarm signal sensor.
medium level
The system uses a programmable controller to control each unit according to the requirements of the production process.
Top level
The computer provides centralized remote control, formula and parameter input, storage and editing, with warning and alarm signal output, production process parameter visualization, parameter recording and archiving, consumable consumption and finished product output records, etc.
The control system is designed according to customer requirements.
Equipment for feeding mixture components
Feeding the main components of the mixture into the feeder can be done in several ways: screw conveyor, bucket elevator, belt conveyor, winch and pneumatic pump. The operation of adding trace additives to the mixer can be completed manually, mechanically or automatically according to customer requirements.

Optional equipment

For normal operation of the plant for the production of dry mixes, it is necessary:
1. Dust collector ---- Install a centralized aspiration system, connect it to dispensers and dispensers.
2. Compressor --- Provide a supply of compressed air with a pressure of at least 0.6 MPa with a flow rate of 600 l / min.


At the work site, the customer himself prepares:
1. To supply sand to the feeder hopper, use a front loader with a bucket lifting height of at least 2.5 m and a bucket volume of 0.4 ... 0.8 m3.
2. Use an electric forklift to move pallets with products and FIBCs.
3. Power supply

Technical layout
Завод для производства сухих строительных смесей


Capacity(t/h) 5-10
Formula setting(group) Multiple formula can be set according to different proportions
Adhesive Portland cement, slaked lime, gypsum, soda slag
Aggregate Quartz sand, fly ash, slag, white ash, talc, etc.
Raw material measuring switch Dosing (Auto / Manual)
Additive measuring switch Dosing (Auto / Manual)
Package weight (kg) 10-50
Installed power (kw) 20-200
Power supply voltage (V) 380
Current frequency (Hz) 50
Minimum material temperature ° C 10
Maximum material temperature ° C 80
Raw material humidity% 0,1
Raw material bin volume Make different volumes according to customer needs