Drying production line

The sand drying production line is used to produce dry sand that meets the requirements of mortar. The main production equipment includes a feeding system, a three-return dryer, a dry sand screening machine, a dry sand elevator, a storage part and a dust removal system. Reasonable configuration, high output, small area cover and low investment costs.

The specific configuration is as follows:

(1) Wet sand feeding system
The system consists of a wet sand silo and a drag belt. The capacity of the wet sand silo can be configured according to the required production capacity. The silo body is a welded structure of alloy steel plates, which increases wear resistance and stability, and a grille can be added at the entrance to prevent large and hard to break materials from entering the production system when the forklift is loading. The dragging belt generally has a belt width of B650, and the belt adopts an ring belt with a block edge, which is installed at the lower outlet of the bin body. The drive motor of the trailing belt is a frequency-converting speed-regulating motor. The speed of the motor can be controlled by a frequency-conversion controller to obtain a feeding amount that matches the production demand. In addition, the system is equipped with sensors that can timely monitor the amount of material in the wet sand silo and promptly remind staff to add materials.
(2) Three cylinder dryer system
Wet sand raw material is sent to the dryer through the loading belt conveyor. The three cylinder dryer is composed of a heat source mixing chamber, a rotary drying cylinder and a discharge cover. The heat source can be provided by a coal block burner, a natural gas burner, or an oil-fired burner. The flue gas generated by the combustion reaches the required temperature after heat exchange with the air through the mixing chamber. The flue gas enters the rotary drying cylinder under the action of the induced air system. In the cylinder, the hot air flow and the material are heat exchanged by means of convection, conduction, and radiation. As the temperature rises, water exists in the form of water vapor and is discharged from the cylinder under the action of the air induction system, so that the material can be dried. The dried material is discharged through the discharge cover under the action of the cylinder rotation and the lifting plates. This process is a continuous drying process. Due to its good thermal insulation effect, novel structure, thermal efficiency of 70%, and the final moisture content of the material can be below 0.5%.

(3) Dry sand screening machine
The dry sand screening machine can be divided into three types: linear vibration type, cylindrical type and swing type. Without special requirements, we are equipped with a linear vibration type screening machine in this production line. The screen box of the screening machine has a fully sealed structure, which effectively reduces the dust generated during the working process. Sieve box side plates, power transmission plates and other components are high-quality alloy steel plates, with high yield strength and long service life. The exciting force of this machine is provided by a new type of special vibration motor. The exciting force can be adjusted by adjusting the eccentric block. The number of layers of the screen can be set to 1-3, and a stretch ball is installed between the screens of each layer to prevent the screen from clogging and improve the screening efficiency. The linear vibratory screening machine has the advantages of simple structure, energy saving and high efficiency, small area cover and low maintenance cost. It is an ideal equipment for dry sand screening.
(4) Dry sand elevator
The screened dry sand needs to be stored in the tank, and the role of the lifter is to realize the transport of dry sand to the tank. For drying production lines with output less than 10 t/h, we recommend using TD bucket elevator. TD bucket elevator is equivalent to ISO5050-81. The draught part of this machine uses steel wire core rubber belt, which has high resistance, tensile strength, long service life, large conveying capacity, etc., suitable for the lifting of cement, dry sand, clinker and other materials. The machine cost is low and easy to maintenance. For large output and high dry sand storage tanks, the NE plate chain elevator is used. The draught part of the machine is a plate chain, which has higher tensile strength and larger bucket capacity. Therefore, it is suitable for large production volume.
(5) Dry sand storage silo
The dry sand storage silo can be designed as a round or square, and is generally configured as a round silo without special requirements. The volume of the silo can be specifically designed according to the size of the production capacity and the working site situation. Silo steel plates are alloy steel plates, which increase wear resistance. We also provide sheet silos for overseas customers to facilitate transportation and site installation, to shorten the construction period. The silos are equipped with accessories such as level gauges, storage containers, pneumatic arch breaks, ladders, and guardrails to meet the requirements of use and maintenance.
(6) Dust removal system

The dust removal system of the dry sand production line consists of a cyclone, a pulse dust collector, an induced draft fan and an air duct. The cyclone is used as the system first-stage dust removal, which can effectively perform preliminary filtering of dust-containing gas and recover fine sand in the tail gas. The pulse dust collector is a secondary dust removal equipment of the system. It adopts high temperature resistant filter bags and the outside shell is covered with thermal insulation cotton to avoid the internal temperature of the dust collector being too low, which will cause dust and moisture condensation to block the filter bags and affect the dust removal effect. .
The induced draft fan adopts Y5-47 series high temperature and corrosion resistant fan, and the fan is driven by a frequency converter speed regulating motor. The air volume of the system can be adjusted in a timely manner through a centralized control cabinet. The connected air pipes are steel pipes with long service life.
The above is the basic configuration of the sand drying production line. The belt conveyor between the equipment is not described in detail. You can refer to the product center for more information. This production line is newly launched by our company after years of development and use. It has the advantages of energy saving, high output, low investment costs, small area cover, and low product water content. You need to provide us with the moisture content of the raw materials and fuel before ordering. Type, required production capacity, working site size, etc., So that we can provide you with better production lines and services
Сушильный комплекс для сушки пескаСушильный комплекс для сушки песка


Equipment Performance
1-3t/h 3-5t/h 5-10t/h 10-15t/h 15-20t/h 20-30t/h
Wet sand silo 1.6мх1.6м 1.6мх1.6м 2.2мх2.2м 2.2мх2.2м 3мх3м 3мх3м
Belt feeder Ф1100 Ф1100 Ф1300 Ф1300 Ф1500 Ф1500
Belt conveyor В500х6 В500х8 В500х8 В500х8 В500х8 В500х8
Three-cylinder dryer Ф1.38х1.8 Ф1.6х2.2 Ф2х4 Ф2.2х4.5 Ф2.5х6 Ф2.7х7
Combustion chamber     -- -- -- -- -- --
Burner (fuel / gas) 358кВт 597кВт 1195кВт 1432кВт 1968Вт 2953Вт
Vibrating sieve DZS1020 DZS1025 DZS1025 DZS1236 DZS1548 DZS1548
Belt conveyor В500х6 В500х6 В500х6 В500х6 В500х6 В500х6
Cyclone φ0.5×2.35m φ0.8×3.5m Φ1.2×4.5m Φ1.2×4.5m Φ1.6×5.0m Φ1.2×4.5mх2
Fan Y5-48-4C-5.5кВт Y5-48-5C-7.5кВт Y5-48-8C-15кВт Y5-48-8C-22кВт Y5-48-10C-37кВт Y5-48-10C-75кВт
Dust collector  Water Dust Collector or Box Dust Collector  
Сушильный комплекс для сушки песка